Why target a Niche?

Being a specialist in a field means you don’t have to advertise the fact people just feel your vibe however by expert I mean you have got to have done your 10’000 hours and not paid outsourcers to do your grind for you. So if your confident in your niche and dont need the 10’000 subscribers in a week many marketers promise you then go ahead and write like your life depends on it.

The problem with people promoting or pushing niche content ideas is people are now seeing through this as experts in many fields will know if the content author can walk the walk rather than talk the talk.

Go to a BMW showroom then visit your local car dealers lot do you see the difference the BMW drivers products sell themselves they dont have to give you the long winded pitch so when writing for a niche you dont require any fancy keywords topics or content generation just go ahead and write about what you feel passionate about and the things your hobby or niche readers will love see its easy and didnt cost you $10000 for a course to learn it from.

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