What I have learned in 20 years of online and offline marketing

There are many reasons why I started this blog however the main reason being the lack of good free unpaid content to help people really dig their heels in and forget about all of the misinformation and mi selling when it comes to building an online income.

The truth is I have learned nothing in life is easy however to become good at something takes time persistence and most importantly the access to the right information.

Online marketing now has decended into chaos with things which should be simple being sold for many times worth their value.

I am the kind of antidote to all of that and will explain things simply as the simple answer is sometimes always the most effective.

Selling online is quite easy really find a market and look for what people are buying and sell it to them honestly don’t make big promises and most of all dont try and divert people off the right path which I see a lot of online right now.

The cake is big enough for everyone to eat its just how much you need for your golden spot.

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