Why I went back to adwords

Google is BIG when I say big I mean earth big galaxy big they have grown so large it is almost impossible to catch them up. A while ago I got frustrated with adwords and left it alone for a little while however when I saw the competition that were offering cheap clicks to get my clients business all it resulted in was cheap customers. That is not to say that some quality traffic cant be had but it worked mainly for ebook hawkers and diet pills.

I required quality targeted content and thats what Google provides in droves it is just the tools that they provide are invested with millions of dollars of manpower and money and they are updated almost monthly.

If there is one thing you need to do to master ppc it is to go through Googles tutorials and learn exactly how it is done in order to get the traffic you require.

Ignore the advice that other platforms do it cheaper as I like to say pay peanuts get monkeys.

Google is your friend remember that.

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