Videos Anywhere With Zero Hosting Fees…

If you use video in your business then you’ve probably looked at video hosting services like Vimeo & Wistia – Gotta look professional right?

But the cost is a shocker isn’t it!

The reality is paid video hosting is expensive – Some months (with popular videos) hosting fees on Wistia can run into thousands of dollars – Which is all fine and dandy if it’s a sales video and you’re raking in the cash on a launch…

… But what about member videos, training, content, branding vids etc.

When there’s no direct link to revenue and you suddenly have a lot of people turn up to watch, it can eat a GREAT BIG HOLE in your budget real fast.

I’ve experienced it myself as have many readers who asked about alternatives.

The solution at first seemed simple. “Why not use YouTube?”

It seems like a great idea… However while YouTube is awesome (and free) their embedded players lack a lot of the functionality you need as a website owner/marketer.

So I ran into a roadblock that you might be at too?

Not spending a fortune on video hosting fees vs. Putting up with clunky feature free video embeds with YouTube

But here’s a solution that delivers everything you need:

Video Hosting With Zero Fees + Cool Functionality You Need From A Player For Your Business

It’s called Monkey Playr > Start using it right now – Just click here

And the good news is that for less than the price of a stuff crust cheese pizza, you can secure lifetime access to this awesome software, use it on ALL of your sites (it works on regular pages and WordPress) and create UNLIMITED players – one time fee, no hosting fees, no racking up excess plays fees – Nothing!

Don’t miss out! Grab one of these lifetime ‘early adopter’ accounts today and you’ll have solved your video playing problems for good.

Get All The Details Here

Don’t put up with second best – get all the cool features and functionality you need to play videos (works with your videos and anyone else’s YouTube videos) on your site and still avoid the hefty hosting bills and keep the money in your pocket.

To Your Success
Steve Jacobs

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