Suddenly everybodies an expert

I remember the good old days when I use to fire up my pc and 7 minutes later fire up my internet connection and load my netscape navigator to look at an entirely different we than you see today. You see I was there in the trenches when nobody knew what the internet was and I would excitedly tell them it was the future and it was cool and exciting almost all of the time I would get a blank stare and a whatever response.

Why do I write this them well its amazing how many experts in social media have suddenly appeared akd looking at their portfolios they dont do much else than repost and post a few images with a witty phrase no doubt copied from somewhere thanks to our friend Google.

Its quite easy for firms and individuals to manage their own social media why they dont dont do it leaves me scratching my head.

There are a few experts who are good and I mean really good and they are some of the people who share similar origins if the www I believe expertise is earned with sweat and tears over decades so if you really want to proclaim your expertise wait until technology matures and see you in 10 years or so.

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