Social Media Works But Only If Used Correctly

Everybody is sprouting on about social media and how their making thousands from it but I can vouch that is all a bunch of baloney as I have used social media and correctly and the people doing the right things are few and far between. When you look at social media platforms everybody is connecting with people in their industry and their so busy posting and trying to get traffic they are caught in a whirlwind of post, find information and post and nobody is really achieving anything.

So how do you leverage social media and who is doing a good job of it at the moment in 2015.

Big brands, celebrities and larger companies who are recognized through other advertising and do not need to pull in lots of new customers and rather just keep their existing ones informed.

When you target social media your intent should always be clarified as the approach will be different.

I will be updating this as I experiment with new ways to bring in social media traffic.


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