Setup a WordPress website in 10 minutes blueprint 1

Setting up a WordPress website is fairly easy however many people are taking the wrong route in achieving this and lining themselves up for unnecessary stress. You can now setup unlimited WordPress websites for under $10 a month with hosting that had features that other companies charge 10x as much for.

Why the right hosting is important

Hosting is where a company holds your website and domain name on its servers allowing you to srive traffic or visitors to your web pages without having to host off your own computer.

Why isn’t cheap web hosting good

As well as a lack of features cheap web hosting does not provide support or claims to but cant support you when there is an error with your website or your website gets hacked which is very very common with the internet.

1&1 & WordPress a perfect match

With 1&1 internet everything from the control panel to buying a new website is easy even for the most nontechnical people its simply a matter of logging in clicking a button choosing names and password and your site is ready in under 5 minutes.

Why WordPress

Its the easiest most supported platform on the internet

How to setup a wordpress site in under 10 minutes Thanks To M.Murzith for this video

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