Seo not as elusive as it sounds

Many people jump on courses to try and find secrets to seo however it is straightforward as Google and Bing have very intelligent computers that pick up your website and that recognize the content as original or of no value. There are tons of courses out there on seo secrets that tell you to target high search keywords which I feel is the wrong approach as quite simply if the rest of your content doesnt match the kwywords you are attempting to get traffic for you are in for a nasty surprise you simply will not rank highly. So again learn the market you are going into and write what you know to start off with as you learn more write more eventually you will see the power of originality over shortcuts and your traffic will grow sometimes beyond your comprehension.

Seo is not bad in itself it is the approaches to it that are taught that like in real life where we attempt to take shortcuts almost never works. So again start writing and upon launch of your website do not worry to much about content, concentrate more on producing high quality information you rarely find elsewhere.

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