Seo Content vs REAL Content & Yes Google Know’s

If there is anyone pushing seo optimized content you will lose your respect and shirt in the process there is a big difference in writing for an audience or writing for Google. When you try to churn you burn, there are many many seo specialists or seo specialsh*ts as I like to call them who regurgitate useless content to suite the search engine’s and 99% this will not work, in the 1% it does you will get slapped by Google eventually and hard slapped at that.

So write or get a writer that is great even better create a video but be sure that you are an expert in your field I mean who wants to watch a bullshi**er at work even if it’s only for entertainment purposes, so next time you meet someone who says they will get you a Google top spot for $5 run as fast as you can.

Google has some very very powerful and even more clever computing alogrithm’s that will know when they pass by your site whether your a money maker or simply a faker and believe me once the label is on it stick’s.

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