Is it possible to make a full time income from adsense ?

It is possible although difficult if your website is just starting out. Adsense montizes (makes money) based upon the content on your website you then place a code in your webpage and whenever a visitor clicks the advert Google will pay you a share of that money. Its obvious that the higher the clicks the more money you make but the income entirely depends on the type of content you have on your website.

If you produce a website just to get clicks from Google this is seen as click fraud as Google likes their visitors to have quality content and a good experience after a Google is a business like any other so if people do not enjoy the pages it delivers its obvious that they will move away form Google to other search engines so in order for Google to keep a quality customer base who also buys products they advertise the companies it allows to advertise must provide every user with an enjoyable experience and deliver exactly what they are looking for.

Ignore the courses that tell you that Google will give you thousands per day it is a myth the ONLY WAY to profit is to build a quality website which people want to revisit and happily click the adverts you provide for them.


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