Mutton dressed as lamb and the new wave of internet products

There is a massive resurgence of new internet software and widgets some that post to Facebook some that build back links all for $197 with $10000 of free bonuses. Its B.S many of it that is these things that claim to make things easier are just cluttering what internet marketers really need to delver on and that is a good service to help people get what they need. What gets me mad is the up sells to pro which just turns small clutter into even bigger piles on junk just sitting on your hard drive waiting to be used you do not need them and everything you need to build a complete internet presence and business can be often acquired for free by searching around if you know where to look.

Now don’t get me wrong there are some really really good products out there many of which I use and have used in the past however they are few and far between and many of the widgets being sold have already been there and done that some even hurt rather than help your internet business.

But this new wave of internet marketers are just flogging a dead horse I mean look at T shirt programs they are so saturated you will be lucky to make a few hundred in a year yet they claim to make you hundreds of thousands and all for the price of a beer and I am saying it out loud as someone has to they simply do not work unless you strike it lucky and design something that wows the world.

You need to get serious about your online business and get grounded instead of looking up into the clouds with these inefficient products I will help you but you need to listen and take notes.

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