Michael Mann Prepares His New Film, ‘Blackhat’

Who doesn’t love movies we here are avid movie fans and when I heard of a new film based on technology I got excited as people in the internet marketing world do. This shows that hollywood is acknowledging technology as a permanent part of our culture. So now the geeks shall indeed inherit the world isnt it time you brushed up on your skills and grasp internet marketing now to have a much brighter future. Anyway the article is linked below maybe put the date in your diaries for an exciting movie as the director is a personal favorite of mine and I am sure he will do an amazing job on this movie


LOS ANGELES — When the director Michael Mann began work on his new film, “Blackhat,” an international thriller about good and wicked hackers, he wanted to start by researching some technological basics. Really, really elemental stuff. Like: “What’s electricity?”

“How does it flow?” he wondered. “It’s not linear.”

Also, “how does a single transistor work?” he asked. “How do these chips work?”

Investigating these and other “dopey fundamentals,” as he put it, was his way into a turbocharged story that stars Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis and Wang Leehom, and aims to bring authentic depictions of cyberterrorism to the multiplex.

“The way my mind works, I have to understand the basic building blocks, then I can generate up,” Mr. Mann said in an interview in his quiet production office here. Given the resources, learning the rudiments of technology “is simple,” he added. “Everything else is terribly complex.”

via Michael Mann Prepares His New Film, ‘Blackhat’ – NYTimes.com.



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