Mailchimp FREE email marketing to get you started

I use Mailchimp on some of my websites the is simply the easiest way to get started in and learn email marketing it doesn’t have the major features of the big guys however it is a phenomenal product and used the right way will reap you endless rewards in your online business. Since using Mailchimp and the free tutorials it offers I have learned a considerable amount more than I would have on paid web courses and because you may just be starting out in online business it is free for up to 500 subscribers and you can send up to 12’000 emails per month.


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I prefer the paid option which allows you to send auto responders from the get go if your really serious about profiting from an online option I recommend the paid option which is still cheaper than the other guys and  has an excellent learning curve.

Email marketing is the key to a regular online income and is something you should dive into right away as the faster you build a list of regular readers the better your chances of success online.


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