Low CTR on your adverts change your copy

When I started out in Google it was as easy as pie you put up an advert and clicks just came in day and night but as time progressed and people got more into it my CTR plummeted however this was over a matter of years rather than months.

These days you enter a market and as soon as the internet wizards get a sniff bang your CTR plummets like an elephant off the empire state building so what to do.

Simply if you cant compete on price then you need to rack your brain and use more interesting adspeak which speaks to your potential target market directly and despite what other marketers tell you don’t be afraid to test out new headline I mean here is what I have  put together in a few minutes

“low funds?”

You don’t need to rob a 
bank to afford our repayments

www.highinterestloans.com<—just an example site 😉

You see when you appeal to the human side in us then it is very difficult to not to click however make sure what they are clicking through to is worth their time and effort you get one chance so use it well.



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