Information overload

One mistake I have often made on which there are tons ebooks courses and guides is information overload. This will kill any hope of a business in its early days especially Internet marketing before you get a chance to apply it new information comes out.

There always seems to be something missing before you get your website just right and the marketers out there will sell you anything and everything and many of it you don’t need and will never refer to.

This is where just in time information saved my sanity. Just in time concept means that you only refer to information as and when you need it. So no overlapping and the amount of work you will have accklomplished is staggering.

So if you get a new email with a heading or title which has you foaming at the mouth just leave it and tag it for a day when you have a block of time spare and refer to it then you must realise these emails are designed to make you want to buy there and then if you let them breathe you will be surprised at how much you don’t need them.

So if your business involves blogging just start an article and only then if you need help for content refer to your endless inbox or gigabytes of free reports you have building cobwebs on your computer or phone.

This is very liberating and the amount of time you save is astounding.

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