How to start a blog

Blogging has become essential in every business and organisation in 2018 and everybody now appreciated the importance of a blogging and social media strategy to share information online. Quite simply without a blog or website it is useless to attempt to market or sell in business into the future.

So how do you start a blog and what are the tools out there to get started for minimal cost in order to acquire customers for your business or service.

In this blog post I will share a few free no cost tools in order to start blogging for minimal cost and fuss and these blogs will allow you to build out a strategy in order to profit form your online business.

The first tool is of course WordPress which is the blog tool of choice for modern business as it is essentially free however when you used correctly can be a very useful tool in order to gain maximum exposure for your brand or business. to get started you can visit and all of the instructions are pretty straight forward as WordPress guides you through how to get started for free.

The only other blogging tool I recommend is Blogger by Google which was one of the first on the blog and can be used straight our of the box so to speak in order to start building out your marketing strategy there are templates available for any kind of business and when you start seeing results you can make it your permanent home online.

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