Duplicate content the bane of the internet

Duplicate content and rewritten content is so bad now that when you search a subject you will find almost 95% of content online is rewritten and finding exactly what you need without being presented with an offer or a sale is getting difficult. Thankfully Google is cracking down on this and the great content will be recognized as such and given the exposure it requires. Bad content is like receiving 1 letter in the mail and 10 leaflets advertising products now I wont say this approach doesnt work for business but it gets tiring an dvisitors to your website or clients will just switch away form your website faster that they found it.

I will give you an example have you ever found a website that really provided value you know the type that you did not bookmark however months later you remember some  of what you learned and for the life of you cant remember what the website was. Well you finally remember the website through an old reference and you search and search when you finally find it you breathe a sigh of relief well let me tell you if your website is not like that then it is very unlikely you will see a business that will flourish for years rather than months which we are used to seeing.

So write in such a way that your website becomes the website that people want to revisit and keep in their browsers and hearts that way you will be assured of the success you want.

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