Don’t let the word simple deceive you…

We have been led to believe that simple doesn’t work, email used to be simple until we added bell’s and whistles now look at your inbox it has thousands of unopened emails, am I right ?

Coffee used to be simple now you require a downloadable guide on how to prepare it, drink it and serve it.

It’s mostly a load off b******* repackaged to make it look as if we need this stuff.

I mean what is most peoples fantasy these days its to escape the daily grind to a simple beach, YES simple with a simple drink in a simple deckchair.

Clever marketers and gurus have created wants that many of us didn’t know we wanted until we were presented with them.

What I have learned is sometimes the simple things work and work well so leave complicated and don’t let these simple posts put you off taking action, I’m not one for infographics even though they look nice nor am I one for in depth articles that explain every nuance of why a technique works, I mean when you buy a new car how many people do you think sit down and read the entire handbook from cover to cover.



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