What is copywriting and why is it important

If you are new to internet marketing you will see the word copy writing brought up everywhere it is the utilization of writing skills coupled with testing to see what type of writing is most effective in writing for the internet and your clients. There are some world class copywriters who provide some very expensive services.

Copy writing is used in the every day adverts as well as television advertising you see, do you remember a catchy slogan you heard in your childhood that brings up fond memories well that is the work of a good copy writer.

So why is it important to learn copy writing? well quite simply you will not succeed online unless you learn at least a little copy writing skills like writing an effective advert targeted at the right audience.

There is tons of information out there most rehashed and the writing skills of old are ineffective on the internet so I will be sharing a series of posts on how to write for the internet just bookmark my website or sign up for the email for updates that will save you two important resources time and money.

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