Content Marketing Collapse

Wherever you look on the internet there is rubbish, respun content yet people still promote products to use it and it could be killing your bottom line. Google is smart a lot smarter than your average marketer yet there are marketers out there that think they can somehow outsmart the smartest internet company in the world.

So you see why your website is collapsing like thousands of others.

Your content is crap face it your writing about something you know nothing about so what to do about it.

Lets first look at an analogy I have about potential new internet marketers they enter an arena with the right tools but no training and attempt to fight lions on their first battle, not only do they attempt to fight lions but they attack and think they can outsmart the emperor and the arena goers at the same time.

So before you go into battle I suggest you learn the art of fighting or at least taming the lion and the spectators as well as the emperor so you can gain favor in this world you do not understand fully yet.

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