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Catch this show TODAY!!!!

If you haven’t caught the show better call Saul yet it is one of the best motivational/comedy intelligent and entertaining shows I have ever watched and believe me I have watched a few so catch it today you dont know what your missing.  

Man in the high castle part 2 worth a watch

Ive been catching a show on Amazon called Man In The High Castle and can say it is epic the show is on its second season and rocks I will not spoil the storyline or plot but its different and the second season sends us a shocker. With Ridley Scott directing and producing you are sure …

Some great TV Last Scene Of Penny Dreadful

Now I’m not one for supernatural shows or poetry for that matter but I recently watched a tv show called Penny Dreadful and it was amazing I mean it shows the power of television in a whole new manner the last scene is heart wrenching and will have anybody with half a heart pouring out in …

Mr Robot WTF Good TV

If you have not caught the amazon series Mr Robot your in for a treat if like many internet marketers you love,love, loved the 80’s and 90’s this show is a mind f*** I mean it’s everything the geek in me has imagined but never seen. It a show based on hacker who’s plan with a …
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