Building websites is easy getting customers is hard

So you have built your new glitzy website it looks nice your proud of it you show your family and friends your creation, of course their going to say its fantastic, you will get wows and oohs but what do you do next your website is just going to sit there like hundreds of millions of others.

That is what separate’s the pro’s form the amateurs I have built a few hundred websites in my time and believe me getting the clients or customers you want can be a mammoth task if your new to this business as people like me my ilk can knock together a website and get customers within a few hours were that good.

So if your curious on how I do this consistently regularly and easily subscribe to my newsletter when I get around to writing it then you will get information that will save you years and a fortune which will be very very valuable over the next few years but that’s for another post.

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