Bad Headline Then Join The Breadline

It is mind blowing how many people assume that by building a simple website and adding a few pages of content copied from elsewhere will somehow make money appear in their bank accounts believe me this is not the case.

The internet like any job is difficult and because you do not have a manager overseeing your work or giving you feedback you arent told the truth about how terrible or well you are doing except in the form of currency, money or moolah.

Well you can start by adding a tracking facility to your website and seeing which posts or pages are pulling in the traffic and then see the top three and experiment also known as a/b split testing in internet speak.A/B split testing is where you test the best and worst of your pages with new headlines or content.

Headlines as I will repeat again are a cash cow by experimenting with headlines alone I have seen read rates double now if you double your read rate you increase the chances that your audience will buy something from you in the future providing what you are offering is of value and unique so go ahead and try out new headlines for your content and see if your visitors agree with me feedback welcome.

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