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An internet marketer with the good's you need to succeed online without the B.S other marketer's seem to put out there. I did the grind and time to give you what I learned and believe in good karma so feel free to use my information to skyrocket your earning's and live the life you want.

Learn WordPress

Quite simply the easiest way to start building a website is to go over to and start building a website be it on a hobby or interest get used to playing around with the console and try to understand how it all works if there is one tip I would have followed that helped me the …

Content is still king in 2015

Forget trick’s and tip’s content will alway’s be king value, quality and relevance will alway’s rule when it come’s to your business as well as a quality service and product if anyone else tell’s you different they are lying.    

Welcome to secret web formulas

This site will provide real actionable information on how to profit online with the latest and not so visible internet techniques. We will be providing all of the information you require to start and profit from an online business.    
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