Affiliate Marketers Selling To Affiliate Marketers WTF

All I seem to see when I look around the web is marketers caatering to other marketers, you see these bottom feeders know you are desperate to make money in whatever niche they choose to trend at the moment and you dont want to miss out. 

With a collection of clever psychology, nicely designed websites and funnels with lots of hypeebole sprinkled in for good measure they are making $$$$ wjen the buyers are left scratching their heads on why their still broke decades later, you see the qeb is like a drug the more information you consume the more you wamr in case yoi miss out on the next BIG thing to make the fortune youve always dreamed of.

In reality inteenet marketing takes common sense, work and plenty of failure so buying more programs just disguises this failure because people produce what is just good enough but not whay works.

So produce good content that people need address their most urgen problems and see the $$$ rill in simple.

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