Adwords retargeting the way to go

I have been messing around with adwords again recently and it seems to have come to life. A few years ago I lost faith in the network as it became saturated with newbie advertisers who were driving up ppc costs for people and left it alone.

I stumbled into the new console and was quite impressed with improvements and features that Google have introduced in fact it is a web geeks heaven but what interested me the most was retargeting.

Retargeting is worth learning about it basically allows you to target visitors who have visited your website previously with custom adverts.

The power of this cannot be under stated now imagine someone visits your website which sells a particular brand of golf club well now you can create an advert targeting these exact visitors with pictures of that golf club on other peoples websites whilst their surfing the internet imagine if you will a gps tracking system attached to previous visitors of your website I will be posting more stuff on this in future so sign up for the free updates.

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