Adsense advertising – Very Difficult

Unless your website is getting traffic to very high quality articles adsense is one of the most difficult platforms to make a regular income from for beginners you should always above all concentrate on content above all else if you hope to profit from Google adsense. I estimate that anything under 100 pages of original 100% content which provides value to your visitors will not bring in sufficient money. However there is an exception to this which works for some websites I have built, there are a few industries where adsense works but the competition is very high as everyone is on board hoping to make a fast buck from it.

Quite simply content again is king without value and a very good understanding of your market click-through rates are going to be very hard to achieve visitors must go away with a better understanding of their market or have the problem they came to find a solution for solved or understood. There are some great courses on ppc which I will be posting here soon so look out for those.

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